Refund and cancellation policy

1) Mere seat booking does not mean automatic right for admission to the concerned courses for which seat booking done by any student. Admission opted for any of our courses strictly subject to the rules and regulations of the concerned university and   different colleges under Kingston Educational Institute.
2) In case no of seats booked exceeded the available vacancy for admission, merit of the students will be the main criteria for consideration.
3) Student should decide within 10 days of seat booking whether he is eager to get his admission or not. After 10 days the seat booked will automatically be cancelled because of expiry prescribed time limit.
4)  Students booked their seats need to fulfil all rules and regulations of the concerned universities and other statutory academic authorities of our state. In case of any deficiency or the student concerned is not in a position to fulfil the prescribed criteria, the amount deposited towards seat booking is likely to be forfeited because of the non fulfilment of required criteria for admission.